X-Stlye Jewelry Organizer

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"X" Jewelry Organizer
Black or White of full pack

Your order includes:
1x Top Cover
  • 2x Panels
1x Base + Roll Turntable

Incorporating the concept of store display to household use! Most household jewelry organizers focus mainly on the idea of storage but lacking the aesthetic appeal. However, on our design, not only we focus on the storage of the jewelries but also on how to beautifully display them. By displaying your favorites and most frequently worn jewelries on your vanity tabletop, you can easily pick out the best matching style for your outfit.

This is a X-sided panel unit which can be rotated manually by hand at the bottom of the jewelry display stand. Designate storage areas offer quick selection and tidy organization to your necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and other accessories.